Our philosophy

There’s no shortage of technical legal expertise in Australia. There are, however, profound gaps between what businesses need and the way legal services are offered. Vobis fills those gaps.

Technical legal advice vs commercial acumen.

There is the gap between technical legal advice and commercial acumen.

The role of legal advice in business is to lay tracks to the best commercial outcome. “Winning” a dispute might be a distraction from the main game. An inflexible approach to agreements might mis-manage risk and deprive a business of opportunities.

A Vobis lawyer takes the time to understand your goals and advises accordingly.

Academic legal theory vs personal reality.

There is the gap between academic legal theory and personal reality.

Business decisions and legal matters don’t happen inside a computer. They are always multi-dimensional. They always involve different personalities with degrees of capacity that vary between interactions. Blindly shovelling academic legal advice into the mix will not deliver the best commercial outcome.

A Vobis lawyer understands who is in the room and what is going on outside it. Then advises accordingly.

Knowledge vs communication.

There is a gap between knowledge and the ability to communicate it.

People give information and assimilate knowledge differently.

A Vobis lawyer listens on every frequency. Then communicates information to add to the knowledge, powering smart decisions.

Our Vision.

Our vision is that a Vobis lawyer will be appreciated for more than applying legal knowledge to prevent or minimise loss. A Vobis lawyer will be trusted to apply business and legal knowledge to create value for the client.

Our clients will know that our sole vested interest is their success, and they will trust us to consult on their integral decisions.

Lawyers with the right attitude.

We recruit Vobis lawyers on the dimensions of attitude, communication and knowledge. In that order.

Without those three qualities in the right proportions, the best advice can neither be given nor heard. And unheard advice cannot be acted on to reach the best commercial outcome.

That is why, above all else, we recruit for attitude.

Attitude to service. First, serving clients. Then, as trust grows, guiding clients.

Attitude to information. First, knowing the file and taking prompt action. Eventually, knowing enough to anticipate needs.

Attitude to results. First, solving the problems. Then, make sure there are never problems to solve in the future.


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