The first people you’ll call.

It’s a bold claim – that you’ll have us programmed in your phone, that we’ll be among the first people you call in the face of obstacle or opportunity. We know that sounds unlikely. More than that — if you’ve instructed lawyers before, it sounds incredible. But try us and you’ll see why our clients pick up the phone whether it’s a matter of law or business.

Vobis is a general legal practice with particular expertise in the areas of law with the most leverage for smart business decision-making.

Our client relationships are long term, because that way we are sure to know enough about a client’s business to translate their goals into the necessary legal actions. In fact, we do not act until we are clear on the value proposition to the client on every matter we undertake.

As such, we become our clients’ external general counsel. We handle their employment law matters, their property matters. We take care of their personal matters. We are spotters of opportunity and fixers of problems.

We do not just do the contracts. We develop the idea, design the architecture and work out the machinery. Our structures turn good deals into great deals, yielding more profit down the line than they would otherwise.

In every matter, we use the instincts and processes unique to Vobis to prioritise. Because no business ever has only one move in play. There is always a question of allocating resources like time, attention and capital. Finite resources demand attention and sequencing, not an advisor noisily claiming that an issue should be first priority simply because it’s their issue.

Whatever the matter of law, a business lawyer’s skills must be in diagnosis, triage then treatment.

Corporate Commercial Advice And Documentation

Sound advice and excellent documentation promote healthy business foundations and facilitate accelerated growth.

Transactional, Property And Business

Successful businesses, and business owners, acquire and sell assets strategically to maximise then preserve returns. We advise on deals and timing, and we execute the transactions.

Dispute Resolution

Handled expertly with an intimate understanding of the commercial imperatives, disputes are just another hurdle to overcome in normal business operations.

Personal Attorney Services

Business-orientated individuals handle their personal affairs with the same care as their business affairs. Handling our clients personal legal affairs is a natural extension of our relationship.


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