our philosophy

Vobis was formed on 1 October 2013 with the core objective of empowering our clients and preserving their positions through strategic legal services. Vobis has an innovative leadership approach to delivering legal services. We have developed exclusive precision tools and decision making techniques to assist clients to identify and analyse their business for legal risks. Together with our clients, we then customise pathways and methods to avoid these identified risks.

Recognising that the most valuable use of our clients’ time is spent in their own businesses and areas of expertise, we free them up to do that.

Whilst individualised and specific tactical responses are required in urgent situations, Vobis also focuses on proactively delivering outcomes that are consistent with our clients’ goals and overall positioning.

Often clients have not yet identified their strategic vision and that is where we come in. The Vobis team is trained in guiding clients to clarity, and then we communicate and implement that vision through their legal affairs.

At Vobis, we partner with our clients, collaborating to deliver optimal results and create value. The Vobis team invests time in understanding the way in which our clients operate. This ensures that problem solving strategies and systems created are in line with the direction of our clients’ affairs at a macro-level.

The idea that the provision of the service or the giving of the advice must be “value accretive” is at the forefront of the Vobis philosophy. Our team members are trained in ensuring that there is an identifiable value proposition to each client matter undertaken by the firm.